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Oregon -
Portland City and parks (includes Japanese Gardens, Rose Garden, Zoo and city pictures.)
Columbia River Gorge (featuring Multnomah falls.)
Oregon Coastline (about an hour and a half west of Portland.)
Silver Falls State Park and Oregon Garden
Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier
North Cascades National Park
Ohme Gardens
Arches National Park
Michigan -
Lake Michigan (and surrounding forest Frankfort area, MI)
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Silver Falls State Park and Oregon Garden
Silver Falls state park Oregon south waterfall walk under pictures
You get pretty close to all of the falls by following the trails, but this one you can even walk under the water!
The main interstate that runs north to south through OR is I-5, near Salem there is a small highway exit that makes a loop around Silver
Falls state park and the Oregon Garden in Silverton (15 miles apart, Hwy. 214)
I've been here a few times, September being my favorite time to visit. While not intolerable, there seem to be less bugs towards the end of
summer (vs. late May) and also more flowers in bloom at the garden in Aug/Sep. There are 10 waterfalls throughout this park, a few are
really short walks from the scenic highway stops. There is also 25 miles of trails for hiking and nearby camping.
Eeek! I almost stepped on a snake!
California Poppy orange flower picture Oregon
There is a lot of farm land on hwy. 214 before you reach the Oregon Garden and Silver Falls park. In May I saw a lot of poppy flowers along the
road. While many things were not yet in bloom at the garden, its still a beautiful trip no matter the time of year.
red poppy flower field picture photographs
pansy flower macro close up photograph picture
pansy flowers
Iris flower
Oregon Garden highway 214 Silverton OR
Rhododendron mollis flowering tree picture
Rhododendron mollis tree bush flower photography
The Rhododendron Mollis (Azalia hybrid) tree had so many flowers on it!
Oregon Garden path trees photography flower pictures
This Peony tree was breathtaking and the flower was so huge! It was set back from the path about 10 - 15 feet (as seen in the picture above this to
the right.) Luckily, m
y camera has a great zoom (Panasonic Lumix TZ5) and this picture is only about 30% of the full size it captured.
Giant oak tree Oregon Garden picture
At the Oregon Garden there is a nice secluded path with tall old oak trees and a high point view of the landscape.
This plant totally belongs in an Art Nouveau style painting!
Peony flower picture tree floral photography
silver falls state park OR north waterfalls river stream pictures
Leaving the garden it's a 15 mile trip to Silver Falls state park. I saw this little
deer on the way, didn't even mind me stopping to take pictures.
There are a lot of baby waterfalls throughout the park that line the sides of
the trails on the way to larger falls.
May 09' - Driving south on hwy. 214 i saw a field of purple-red. From the
distance it looked like someone had painted grass a new color. I was happy
to find it was a million red clover
type flowers in bloom!