Mounting rubber stamps tutorial cutting with scissors
Stazon Jet Black ink pad for rubber stamping on domino pendants
deep etch rubber stamps for pressing into clay
The Enchanted Gallery rubber stamp sheets are made of the highest quality dark red natural gum rubber that allows you to use any type of stamping ink
with success. They are engraved deeply to provide detail and are suitable for stamping on a variety of surfaces including paper, polymer clay, acrylic,
plastics or for making domino pendants.

Below is a step by step tutorial for mounting your stamps with EZ Mount cling foam.
This foam is sticky on one side and has a smooth static cling surface on the other side. It can be removed and reattached (re-cling mounted) repeatedly to an
acrylic block for stamping. This option eliminates the need for wood mounts, saving you money and storage space. Depending on the variety of sizes of stamps
you own, you may only need one acrylic block for using all of your stamps.
I use my small unmounted stamps frequently on hard surfaces like plastic, dominoes, tile or for pressing into clay.
Unmounted does not mean unusable!
For domino art (1" x 2" size stamps) it's actually easier to see where you're stamping if you use them unmounted!
Just trim your stamps and lay them image side up on a table. Tap your ink pad's surface onto them (I use StazOn Jet Black ink for my domino art.). Press your
domino down onto the stamp, firmly, taking care not to wiggle it. Color with your choice of media, some ideas on how to color on domino pieces can be found

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1) Your unmounted stamps will arrive uncut, as a variety of images arranged on one rubber sheet. Use a pair of scissors to cut out
each individual images (special scissors are not necessary, but having a sharp non-stick pair for craft purposes is helpful.) Leave
about 1/8" rubber around the image as you cut. You may trim closer if you are careful not to cut on a slant. If you undercut, that area of
your stamp won't press evenly.
I always cut my images out before placing the stamp on mounting foam. This helps to reduce wasted space on the foam and you'll be
able to mount a couple extra stamps per sheet. If you prefer, you could also just lay your entire unmounted sheet on the sticky side of
your foam and do all your cutting at once.
EZ mount foam has a special cling surface on the foam itself, and is not like other double
stick foam where you need to attach a separate clear vinyl sheet. This has cling power
built in with strong tack (sticks to plastic via static cling, no sticky mess!)  It never wears
out or loses it's clingy strength, it will not fall off your acrylic block until you peel it off!

The EZ mount foam may arrive slightly curled up at the edges, this is not a defect - just
static cling tension. It can be flattened back out by pulling the unprinted liner off and
replacing it while the cushion is on a flat surface.

Tips: You can use plastic binders to store your cling mounted rubber stamps. However,
you should not use acetate/film transparency to store your stamps. Acetate contains
chemicals that may permanently bond to the cling surface of mounting cushion.

To care for the cling side of your foam it is a good idea to keep it attached to your stamp
block during cleaning if you are using alcohol or stamp cleaners. Regular rinsing with
water and/or soap is fine.

If you own stamps that came with sticky foam (like Stampin' Up brand) you can place this
EZ Mount foam over it for use with acrylic blocks. If you have many wood mounted stamps
and are looking to reduce your storage space, you can loosen the adhesive on your wood
blocks by placing them in the microwave for a few seconds.
3) Peel off the white sticker liner (cling side) and press onto your acrylic block.

The most common way to mount your stamps is with double sided sticky foam and wood blocks (like most retail store bought stamps
are put together.) You can also buy double sided sticky foam and separate vinyl cling (which then is attached to acrylic mounts as a
reuseable handle) but I prefer not to have an extra step of attaching vinyl cling to the foam, so I only offer the EZ Mount foam which has
a static cling built in.
EZ Mount Cling Cushion
per 8.5" wide x 11"
tall x 1/8" thick sheet.
how to mount unmounted rubber stamps with static cling foam
Mounting your unmounted rubber stamps with sticky foam
2) Peel back the printed liner (sticky side) and place your rubber stamp's smooth/clean backside onto the adhesive. Cut the foam
following the edges of your rubber stamp.
Mounting unmounted rubber stamps stick to acrylic stamping block
Mounting foam for unmounted rubber stamps acrylic block
Most of the stamps I use are ATC size (2.5" x 3.5") or smaller, so I bought a single 3" x 4" acrylic mount for all my personal stamping.
Unmounted rubber stamp with cling cushion on acrylic mount
mounting unmounted rubber stamps alphabet stamp set tiny wood cubes
<-- Have a lot of tiny stamps? You may also
consider buying small wood cubes (3/4" or 1"
cubes can usually be found in the wood crafts
section at Michaels or online stores.) Attach a
stamp on each side of the block to save
storage space.

Unless you are having difficulty achieving an
evenly stamped image, mounting foam is not
necessary for such small stamps. Foam is
mostly helpful for distributing pressure evenly in
larger designs.
Other stamping tips:

Cleaning your rubber stamps -
This depends on what sort of ink you are using. Most inks can be cleaned off with water, some need a tiny bit of soap - your
dish soap is fine. I usually use a sponge, since paper towels and cloths can leave lint/paper fibers behind.

If you are using
Stazon or other permanent ink pad that really sticks to the rubber, Stazon makes a special stamp cleaner to wipe the ink off with. You could
also use rubbing alcohol to get alcohol/solvent based inks off, however this may dry out your rubber over time. The special ink cleaners contain
moisturizers to help keep your rubber in great shape. I set my stamps on a paper towel to dry after I wash them.

Warning: StazOn inks should be used with caution on CLEAR stamps, as the photopolymer that clear stamps are made of can start to dissolve when used
with alcohol or solvent inks. You can feel free to use any ink you want with the quality
red rubber stamps.

Getting the most detail from your stamps: When stamps are brand new they may have unseen residue left over from the manufacturing process. While
stamps are easily used right away without prep, you may notice an increase in image quality if you rub a pencil eraser over your rubber. A few good rubs
back and forth will prime the rubber to accept ink more evenly. Wash away any eraser particles and start stamping. This is especially recommended if
you're using wet dye inks like Distress Ink Pads, as the watery ink beads up on the smooth rubber surface unless it has been scuffed.
rubber stamp store 3 ring binder clear n stor EZ Mount lightweight storage panels
3 ring binder stamping rubber stamp storage solution unmounted ez mount and clear stamps
One way to store your stamps is this handy thin white
plastic sheet that has been hole punched to fit any 3 ring
binder. Store on one or both sides of the sheet. Can be
used with your EZ-Mount cling foam backed rubber
stamps and is also safe for storing clear stamps.
Package of 5 panels
2.25" x 2.25" $2.75
3" x 4" $3.99
4" x 6" $6.99
Mounting your stamps:
This takes the place of bulky wood blocks.
Use a single clear acrylic block for all of your stamps that have cling
foam on them. Just press the cling foam side onto your clear block and
you're good to stamp until you peel it off and put another stamp on the
block. Also works with clear stamps and vinyl cling stamps.
10% off Quantity discount:
Package of 5 EZ Mount
sheets $22.46
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Sm. now with
curved grips.
This page contains mounting foam, acrylic blocks and instructions to use these items.
Further down the page is also a small collection of my favorite
stamps from other companies including clear and cling stamps.
Stamps by Stampendous, Inkadinkado, Crafty Secrets, Stampabilities, and other companies. A variety of types of stamps inluding wood mounted,
unmounted (UM = rubber only), clingfoam mounted (rubber with cling cushion, and clear stamps (flexible photopolymer for use with acrylic blocks.)
individual product descriptions for details.
Inkadinkado clear mini stamps halloween scaredy cat kitty kitten scary rubber stamp
Clear mini stamp sets by Inkadinkado:
Each package measures 2.5" wide x 3.5" tall total (stamps all fit within the 2.5" square area below the "clear mini stamps" description.)
Handmade Made with Love rubber stamps Inkadinkado clear acrylic
Gray rubber stamps with cling foam by Stampendous!
<--------  2.5" wide ------->
mermaid greeting card
mermaid rubber stamp bottle terrarium craft fantasy art
new stampendous mermaid rubber stamp cling CRP151
Gray mermaid rubber stamp on
cling foam. Measures approx. 4" tall.
The Enchanted Gallery has many more stamps on the exclusive rubber stamps page.
Lino cutter blade handle blue speedball speedy carve
Tempered steel cutters for lino cutting, block printing, polymer clay, carving texture plates impression molds
speedball #4 square gouge lino cutter block printing carving blade
Speedy-Carve by Speedball 3
speedball v number 2 lino cut block printing make your own polymer clay impression plate texture carving
#2 is the smaller v shape blade for
detail, #4 the square shaped blade
for cutting out larger areas.
These Speedball lino cutter and block printing blades, handles and carving blocks are great for carving your own rubber stamps. You carve the pink rubber
"speedy-carve" sheet to make custom block prints or to create flexible texture impression sheets for polymer clay projects. You could even rubber stamp onto
the speedy carve block to trace the images with a blade to make a reverse image stamp or impression plate.

The speedy carve block measures 3" x 4" x 1/4" thick. This pink rubber material is easy to cut, flexible, and does not crumble or break like eraser material.
Two blades per package - $3.49
deep red raven flock birds and tree branches rubber stamp
raven flock rubber stamp birds tree branches by deep red cling cushion
"Raven Flock" by Deep red.
This rubber stamp comes
with cling foam, ready to be
used with your acrylic block.
Great size for artist trading
cards measuring approx.
3.25" x 2.25"
Deep Red brand makes quality rubber stamps on a cling foam cushion ready for your acrylic blocks.
Comes in a ziplock bag with a plastic storage panel displaying the image on front.
Lord of the Rings fantasy art Elf Warrior Princess rubber stamp by Deep Red
Lord of the Rings theme Elf
Warrior Princess by Deep red
rubber stamp with cling cushion
ready to use with acrylic blocks.
Artwork measures approx. 3"x3".
These background
stamp images
making them
perfect for use in artist
trading cards and
masking techniques
where background filler
is needed.

Red rubber on cling
cushion ready for
stamping with your
acrylic block.
Deep red rubber stamp Victorian roses background image
Deep red rubber stamp Art Nouveau style grape leaf vines background
Vines background $8.49
Roses background $8.49
Prima brand clear stamp fern background. Great for use with
small jewelry projects such as clay or domino art. One stamp
image measuring approximately 2.25" x 2.75" total.
Prima Marketing Clear Stamp Ferns Background Small for jewelry making, polymer clay and domino art.
Inkadinkado brand "Carribean Seas" red rubber stamp set of 6
designs including a mermaid, ship anchor, fish, octopus, sea horse
and water splash.
Comes with green cling cushion and image printed
on top, ready to be used with your acrylic blocks.

For size reference the mermaid stamp measures 2.75" x 2.75", the
octopus is approx. 2.25" x 3.5".
Inkadinkado brand
Large gray cling cushion rubber stamp with printed image vinyl covering, ready
to be used with your acrylic block. "
Cling Crowscape" by Stampendous birds
and tree branches landscape great for making cards with memento inked
moonlit background techniques (see
tutorial page.) The image measures
approx. 3.75" wide x 5" tall.
Cling Crowscape rubber stamp by Stampendous birds and tree branches landscape great for making cards with memento inks sponge dauber application of a moonlit background technique
Santoro London Mermaid clear stamp set cling to acrylic block
Santoro London 4 piece clear stamp set (logo, shells, flowers
and mermaid art outlines only, shown as colored example art on
packaging.) Ready to use with your acrylic blocks. For size
reference the mermaid measures approx. 3.5" wide and 3" tall.
Face molds for polymer clay, flexible push molds buttons and art dolls
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Goddess God Mythology Green Man GreenMan push molds pendant jewelry making bead art doll
The Enchanted Gallery fairy, mermaid, fantasy Art Nouveau rubber stamps
Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies Premo Sculpey Alphabet Miniature Food Chalk
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
Miniature food, doll house, art doll face beads, wings, crowns
Domino game tiles miniature mini dominoes flat beads to rubber stamp decorate scrabble tiles painting DIY jewelry
Jewelry glass domes, beads, charms, terrarium craft, containers, ornaments, miniature garden, Flower Soft, Diorama supplies
Blank pendant trays, necklace chains, jump rings, ice resin, polymer clay settings
Handmade gifts, jewelry, necklaces, unique magnets and inexpensive crafts.
Nature spirit animal guide pendants or art doll face cabochons
Kimberly Crick artwork and prints ATC ACEO traditional art original paintings
Free tutorials domino rubber stamping polymer clay jewelry making art supply reviews
Various types of stamps by other companies:
Prima cling rubber stamps on mounting foam and vinyl for acrylic blocks paint splatters messy splash abstract art
Example of using the
splatter patterns with
rainbow dye ink pads to
create a faux
splashed-paint effect
without the mess.

A small rubber stamp of
the woman with butterfly
image can be found
Paint splash splatter effects stamp set of six. These are
green rubber on foam cushion with cling images ready to
use with acrylic blocks. Made by Prima Marketing.