Eve Serpent Goddess Woman pendant carving
aquarius zodiac egret water bird polymer clay push mold made of silicone rubber heat resitant to 600 degrees
airies clay mold
Buddha altar art shrine mold
Astrology clay mold
Hindu God Ganesh pendant shrine
Greek Myhtology nature spirit face cabs
Green Man Greenman clay mold
Green Man pendant polymer clay jewelry
Green Tara clay mold
Harpy Goddess Greek Mythology Push Mold
Kitsune Japanese fox spirit clay push mold
kwan yin, quan yin, pendant, clay mold
clay mold
Medusa cameo polymer clay molds
Hindu Naga snake spirit polymer clay craft mold
pisces push mold
Virgo maiden pendant
World Goddess of Willendorf clay mold
Greenman Green Man leaf forest God Greek artwork carving
Forest Dryad Fairy Green Woman greenwoman pendant Goddess Nature Spirit artwork carving
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Grape leaf Art Nouveau fairy polymer clay push mold
Angel clay mold
flower faery face push mold for polymer clay
Guardian, angel clay mold
shy mermaid clay mold
mermaid mermaids push mold
whale mermaid clay push mold
mermaids holding a pearl clay mold
Rose flower fairy art doll face cabochon silicone rubber push mold
The Little Mermaid flexible push mold cameo pendant clay molds mermaids
Amy Brown Brian Froud modern fairy style artwork push mold for polymer clay art
humming bird hummingbirds cameo face pendant polymer clay push mold
Mermaid and her dolphin friend ocean water art embellishment for arts and crafts
Face molds for polymer clay, flexible push molds buttons and art dolls
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The Enchanted Gallery fairy, mermaid, fantasy Art Nouveau rubber stamps
Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies Premo Sculpey Alphabet Miniature Food Chalk
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
Miniature food, doll house, art doll face beads, wings, crowns
Domino game tiles miniature mini dominoes flat beads to rubber stamp decorate scrabble tiles painting DIY jewelry
EZ Mount Static Cling Cushion Rubber Stamp Mounting Foam for Unmounted stamps
Jewelry glass domes, beads, charms, terrarium craft, containers, ornaments, miniature garden, Flower Soft, Diorama supplies
Blank pendant trays, necklace chains, jump rings, ice resin, polymer clay settings
Handmade gifts, jewelry, necklaces, unique magnets and inexpensive crafts.
Nature spirit animal guide pendants or art doll face cabochons
Kimberly Crick artwork and prints ATC ACEO traditional art original paintings
Free tutorials domino rubber stamping polymer clay jewelry making art supply reviews
How to use flexible push molds for polymer clay silicone rubber putty amazing tutorial
The Enchanted Gallery flexible push mold catalog information non-toxic food safe grade silicone molds for polymer clay jewelry making, wax, pmc, soap, utee, plaster, air dry paperclay etc.
God, Goddess, Mythology Theme Molds: