Make your own polymer clay push molds for button making and art doll face cabs
Mold-n-pour molding putty silicone rubber molds for polymer clay, UTEE and PMC
Mold-n-Pour is a super flexible (think silicone/rubber) mold making compound. It is non-toxic and you can use it with just about anything with no release
agent. Heat resistant to apx. 650 degrees. I have had the most positive experience with these molds and polymer clay. Simply press polymer clay into the
mold, flex & peel away mold for beautiful art that pops right out. Reduce the warping of images with soft clays (removal before baking) by placing in
freezer for 10 minutes. More intruction on USING the molds you make click:
Instuctions and Customer Art Gallery.

***** Most important things to keep in mind when making a mold with Mold N Pour compound*****
1) Remember that you will have a very small amount of time to mix the material before it starts to harden. It's best to get use to kneading the mixture in
under a minute, 30 seconds is ideal. I know this sounds short, but if you count to 30 while kneading it's plenty of time. This is easiest when you are
making small (1" to 2") sized molds. If you are planning to make molds for larger items, especially items measuring over 4" I would not recommend this
compound. This is ideal for jewelry / art doll making.

2) The manufacturer directions say your mold will be done in 10 minutes. Sometimes this is true, but if you are making a mold with fine details those tiny
lines will look MUCH better if you allow the mold to harden for an hour or more. Heat makes the molds set faster (keep that in mind when kneading with
hot hands) and time estimates are not always easy. I HIGHLY recommend leaving your molds to set longer to avoid ruining a mold that may seem like it's
done (hardened on the outside, but still slightly sticky inside.)

Here are the mold making instructions from Ranger Ink:

Mold-n-Pour™ is a two part molding putty. Each color is inert until mixed together; it then chemically works together and will harden to a permanent,
flexible mold. Because of the fast molding time it is important to pay attention to instructions to have success with this product. Have the item to be
molded ready to mold! Roll out equal balls of the white and purple putties until even in size. KNEAD the two colors together (rolling them in your hand
does not mix them correctly) for approximately 30 seconds or until blended into a lighter lavender color with no white showing. Heat speeds the chemical
reaction, so if you have warm hands, it may be setting even more quickly.

Once mixed, roll into a ball and set on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet. Push the item to be molded into it. Push up the sides to create a wall to hold in the UTEE
(poured, melted embossing powder.) Push the mold in as evenly as possible so that when UTEE is poured it will be level, especially important if the
piece is going to be beaded around. Check to see if the mold is set by touching the sides. If it bounces back without leaving a mark, it is ready. It will take
between 5-7 minutes, less time if the room is warm. The mold will be permanent and cannot be remixed.

If the item to be molded is pushed in too far and creates a thin area or hole on the bottom of the mold, place the item back in and patch it with a small
amount of Mold-n-Pour™ mixed together. NOTE: you can’t mold a piece of Mold-n-Pour™ using Mold-n-Pour™ AS THE MOLD. It will likely just stick to
itself. Molds can be filled with hot glue, plaster, air dry clay, paper clay, soap, candle wax and polymer clay. Mold-n-Pour™ can withstand temperatures to
650 degrees. Polymer clay can be pushed into a mold and actually baked in the mold in the oven! Because of the inert nature of Mold-n-Pour™, it can be
used on a good piece of jewelry, etc. and it will not damage it. Mold-n-Pour™ replicates even the smallest detail, so it is perfect for Memory Crafting!

My helpful hints and notes:
Your molds should last through hundreds of impressions.

Pretreatment with a releasing agent is not necessary. However, you must make certain that your item is clean. The compound may stick to dust, dirt,
patina or oils that build up on older or metal items. The mold compound will not hurt anything, you can use it on fine jewelry, just be aware that if it's dirty
some compound may be left behind. In this case a toothbrush is your best way to clean it off.

***Manufacturer instructions say that your mold will be ready in 10 minutes. Sometimes it takes longer to set and I always let my molds set for an hour (or
more if you aren't in a hurry) before peeling it off.***

It will take practice to correctly estimate the amount of compound needed to make a mold. Until you are experienced, you should always use more than
less. If you use too much you can still use the mold. If you don't use enough you've wasted the compound and have to recreate the mold.

When estimating the size of putty balls to mix together, think about how much surface area they cover when flattened.

While it is important to mix equal parts of each putty together, if you are a little off it will still set. So don't fret if you can't tell if it's EXACTLY the same size

The way I do it:
Knead the putty together. Mix it well and mix it fast, about 30 seconds is plenty of time. It will start to harden in one to two minutes! Hold it towards the tips
of your fingers and "pinch" it between your pointing finger and thumbs, alternating left and right hands for fastest movement. You're essentially folding it
over on itself until the colors are blended together. Roll it into a ball between your hands to smooth out the folds. Press your item into the compound (I do
this in my hands NOT on a table, so you can actually feel how far you've pressed the item in.) Make sure you've evenly covered it, apply light pressure all
around. Set it down on your work space, mold compound face down. You will want to use a table surface that you don't care about (compound may leave
small spots of oily residue) or work on wax paper/non-stick craft sheets. Leave to set for atleast one hour (ideal time is three hours to be completely sure
of dryness) and carefully peel off.

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