Meet Cookie, a 3 month old female calico kitten:                  I have the softest fur ever!
Born May 3rd 2008, here's when we got them: Early August 2008 - Meet Sadie, a 3 month old male domestic short hair kittten:
I'm very easy to photograph because I love to stay still:
Sadie sits still momentarily... until his sister launches her attack from behind!
We become engaged in tackling each other. Not even barriers stand in our way!
We enjoy boxing and kung fu fighting!
We become distracted by other things for about 10 seconds!
Eventually we tire ourselves out and sleep in a box (even though our humans have provided awesome beds for us!)
When the humans leave us in our play room we're forced to realize there is an "outside land"... somewhere... out there.... we must go! (insert
endless meowing here.)
Late August 2008 - Look deep into my eyes... I'm hypnotized by the power of the food bag crinkly cruching!
(In the couple weeks we've been here we've grown already!)
Our humans built us a castle. This allowed us to get our first glimpse at the
mysterious outer lands where big shiny metal things fly by at great speeds. It was
very interesting until the magical curtain pull dangly beast prevoked an attack!
September 2008 - We're a little over 4 months old now and we're teething (.... or everything has suddenly
become extremely delicious!) Nothing is off limits... cords, boxes, walls, doors... your hands...
We do everything together. If we are not
within visual range of each other for more
than a few minutes endless mewery
Be vewwwy vewwy quiet. I r huntin lazer beasts!
Cookie being pretty like a painting:
Who? My brother? No, I haven't seen him anywhere...
October 2008 - We're a little over 5 months old now:
For some reason Sadie just
isn't as active as his sister.
(Since he likes to lay down a
lot it's easier to get more
photos of him.)
Lazers armed, pounce position assumed! Don't mess with me, Cookie
Monster already met a terrible fate...
I've developed a habit of looking out the window (I prefer the hardest area to
get to.)

I'm also forming a little pot belly even though I eat the amount I'm suppose
to.... or I've been secretly stealing cookie's ration... Time for a more rigorous
exercise plan!!!
I think I'm right about Sadie eating more of the food than Cookie... and I'm
pretty sure Cookie is coming to eat me in this picture :-0
Lurking behind every corner...
oH nOES! My lazer eye
has given away my
Say cheese!... Or lazers!
November 24 2008 - We're going to be 7 months old next week! Time flies!!!

Over the past month we've grown, put on some weight and have stopped
playing quite so kitten-crazed at all hours of the night. Our owners have
decided that it's time to introduce us to the magical outerlands that have been
forbidden. Maybe we'll be good and not knock over the HDTV?
For the first 45 minutes Sadie acted terrified... I'm pretty sure he thought he was doing something bad and was going to be grabbed and tossed back into his
room at any moment. He peered out from the hallway gate (that usually keeps them confined to one side of the apartment) in a very timid manner.
:-0  Am I really allowed out?
Meet tile floor, Cookie's new best friend. It's smooth, cool to the touch and
makes a neat echo sound like a horse galloping when Cookie runs over it. It
even reflects her lazer eyes!
I thought for sure Cookie was going to attack/chew on the mess of wires by the
TV but she just walked right past them.
Every time I get a package I save the box for tunnels. Cats have a strange
addiction to boxes!
Cookie exploring
Dune Kitty!
I controls the spice!
Errrrrr..   Emergency Brakes!!!
Cookie has a racoon tail!
You can not see me behind the blinds!
Cookie can play on Wii balance board?
I has XBox 360?
EVENT! - Our first spider! Luckily I saw this big spider crawling around before the cats did. I was
worried they would eat it. So I quickly grabbed a glass to trap it. I was about to get a piece of paper
to take it outside with, but they noticed it before I could get it done...
Cookie comes running to the rescue!
We are in agreement... It's an abomination!
Tag team VS Spider. Go!
Darn, the spider's force field is too strong!!!
We get these all the time. Isn't it
Mmmm. Tasty spinning feather toy.
My poor belly needs some muscle toning :'(
We were both fixed at a very young age (before 3 months old when we bought
them from Petsmart.) Our surgery might have contributed to our saggy bellies :/
Muahaha. Those two little blue lights are Sadie...
Jealously watching as Cookie squeezes into the space
between the couch and the wall... A place where Sadie
is too fat to fit!
Beware crouching kitties! From under the futon
couch is where we plan our attack!
Sadie discovers that a sheet hanging over the couch is
an excellent hiding place.
A couple days later Sadie surprised me by proving he can indeed fit
behind the couch... but it took him a while to wiggle his way out....
A few short (1 minute) videos of the kittens having fun in the sheets. Sadly the video quality was much nicer before it was uploaded to youtube :/
12/22/08: Getting close to 8 months old. They've been really well behaved, so I'm letting them stay out in the living room area
unsupervised. They meow a lot when they know I'm around but can't find me. Sometimes if I'm in my room they come meow and
paw at my door, begging me to come out and pet them. I can't resist this cuteness:
02-03-09 We're 9 months old!!! and we're totally re-dunk-u-lous!  ___________________________________________
Cookie! Even though she's right in front of a nice BIG comfy couch... She sat on the top of an office chair! Not even the seat...
but the top of the back support which is like two inches wide! Cat logic, it rules.

She kept wobbling slightly left and right as she kept her balance like a teeter totter. Wow!
We recently got a new roommate, so the cats were evicted from their private room. They are now in the livingroom/hallways
and are adjusting to their new people-traffic-intensive area well.

First order of business was finding a new place to sleep. Food tub in the hallway?
You know you're interrupting our cat nap with that bright light flashery right?
Must clean my belly!
Scoliosis anyone?
Wait, does this pose make me look fat?
One above
one below
We invested in a Drinkwell pet fountain. It's awesome! Holds much more water
than a regular bowl, has a filter and stays clean for over a week!
We are extremely clean animals. We spend at least an hour every day cleaning our fur.
The tower has been relocated to the living
room providing a new view of our back yard.
Hey, is was seeping!
::insert funky racoon noise::
I moved myself to this old shipping box and
you're still waking me up with the light flashy?
There was one particular spot on the carpet they kept trying to claw at... So I put a brick over it. It's
now a resting place for Cookie, queen of the brick.
2010 & 2011:
Fully grown, but not done packing on the pounds. Sadie just can't seem to stop himself with eating, so I'm going to have to put him on a diet. Otherwise we're as happy
and healthy as ever, constantly sleeping all cute and cuddly together, and enjoying twisty ties and paper balls every once in a while :)
After making a recovery from cancer, my life took on a sense of adventure as my health
returned. I moved across the country (from Michigan to Oregon) with an old friend and we
adopted two cute kitties named Sadie and Cookie. They are brother and sister, totally
inseparable, and keep me company while I work from home.
We did a major upgrade to the cat tower - took it apart so it's easier
to move for us, and put it up on the wall making it more challenging
and fun for the cats.

On their 3rd birthday they got their very own box cat fortress!
2012 - 2013
Sadie enjoys having his belly rubbed, but once he's done he likes to lick and love-bite your fingers!
Welcome to Kimberly Crick's photographic journal documenting my pets "growing up" and
becoming part of the family, along with myself in my new surroundings near Portland OR.

I hope you find the cats as cute as I do, but if you landed on this page on accident click a
button up top to browse the store instead :)
At my apartment in Beaverton, OR Fall 2012 - Cats are now almost 5 years old
and spend most of their time cuddling with each other, sleeping and watching out the
window for random squirrels and birds:
Although I don't let the cats venture outside, every so often I remember to let myself out :D
I've also taken up bird watching, along with some nature and wildlife photography - check it out on my Flickr account.
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