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I am an "Angel Company." You may sell handmade artwork using my flexible push molds or rubber stamps.
You may not use my products to make new stamps or molds from the cast / impression or to create machine reproduced images.
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The example art below was made with this unmounted rubber stamp sheet by pressing the images into a ball of
translucent polymer clay. I then baked the clay, dusted with metallic powders/acrylic paints and sealed it with sculpey
glaze gloss. Use ink to stamp the frames onto cardstock to make a holder card for your buttons. You could place a
button shank on the backside or poke sewing holes into your creation for button making. These could also be turned
into art to wear by fitting them into bottle cap, or creating pins/pendants!
$22.99 Large sheet #Bttn-105 measures apx 8.25" wide x 10.25" tall. Thirty-five faces, buttons and frames. All top three rows measure
1" wide each. Center mermaid, fairy, dragon and Art Nouveau buttons measure 1.5" wide.

Give your greeting cards &  letters with that special elegant touch! Use wax or hot glue to create a seal for your envelope:          
Clay cabs (cabochon / flat backed / jewelry
embellishments) also make really nice pieces to seed
bead around for jewelry making / bead embroidery.          
Ideas for using the circle shape stamps:
There are four blank circles measuring roughly 3/4", 1", 1&1/4" and 1&1/2". With these you can make frames/holders,
stamp over your other stamps image and cut out for easy circle shapes, crop your face stamps to your desired size,
make funky backgrounds and more...
Use any size circle over any face, design or one of your
own stamps to make unique combinations. Here are just a
few examples of the faces you can make by stamping the
circle over the face and cutting it out:
Art doll faces and buttons rubber stamps, rubber stamp set, dolls face, wax seals, polymer clay stamped buttons
Scan of the unmounted rubber sheet you will receive.
info here.
ANIMAL RUBBER STAMPS Cat Bunny House Mouse kitty kittens rabbit cute stampendous inkadinkado stampabilities crafty secrets
Face molds for polymer clay, flexible push molds buttons and art dolls
EZ Mount Static Cling Cushion Rubber Stamp Mounting Foam for Unmounted stamps
fairy and mermaid flexible push molds for polymer clay, UTEE, PMC and more!
Fantasy art rubber stamps Alice in Wonderland, fairies, mermaids, people
Goddess God Mythology Green Man GreenMan push molds pendant jewelry making bead art doll
Art Nouveau brass charm repousse vintage mold jewelry finding, pendant blanks, bottle caps, crafty jewelry.
KrystalKraft clear acrylic jewelry to rubber stamp on domino pendants charms ATC lightswitch plate etc
Nature spirit animal guide pendants or art doll face cabochons
Make your own push mold from flexible silicone molding putty, mold-n-pour compound.
Stencils, masks, die cuts, tattered angels, glimmer mist, tim holtz, papercrafting
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