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Game Tiles and Beads ideal for Rubber Stamping, Alcohol Inks, Painting, Image Transfers, Collage, Coating in Resin etc.
This section contains flat surface wood and acrylic beads, game tiles including domino pieces, dog tags and other unique beads for decorating.
Lexigo and dominoes for rubber stamp jewelry making supplies DIY craft
Hexagon letter game tile and domino pendants for rubber stamp jewelry
chalk coloring domino rubber stamping tutorial pendant jewelry making
20¢ each
45¢ each
Mini Domino Miniature Dominoes Dominos Game Tile Jewelry earrings DIY craft supplies cheap inexpensive low price
Mini Dominoes are made from the same quality white resin as the full size tiles
without the dipped surface impression for the color dots (the glazed-on color
dot sticker can be lightly sanded off to create a flat, ready to decorate surface on
both sides.) Approx 5/8" wide x 1 & 3/16" tall (16x30mm.)
The miniature domino tiles below are small (3/16" thick) lightweight enough to be
used for earrings using screw eyes found on the
jewelry supplies page or drill for
use in bracelets, belts, brooch pins, pendants etc.
Mini domino - 19¢ each
Package of 28 for $3.99
(14¢ each)
Hexagon letter tiles are a light tan color
resin, great for portrait stamping, and
measure approx. 30x35mm and 5mm thick.

The standard white
dominoes are made of
durable resin (uria) and measure 1" x 2"
(approx. 25x50mm.) Thickness may vary by
batch from 7 to 10mm (5/16")

Letters or dots on back are random.
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dollhouse mixed media art doll charms banner faces hands beads skull wings crown
You might also be interested in:
Flower beads, leaf charms, glass vials, terrarium craft, flower soft, moss, diorama supplies.
tree forest scene rubber stamps domino art markers refridgerator magnet
Blank pendants to fill with resin, photographs or polymer clay, necklace
chains and jewelry making components available
Game tiles for rubber stamping jewelry making domino mini triangle scrabble letter tiles flat beads to decorate
Domino and Tri-Omino game tiles, Rummy rectangle number tiles, scrabble
wood pieces, hexagon and small square letter tiles.
Provides a durable surface for magnets, key chains and jewelry making
decorated with your rubber stamps, collage or painting:
Scrabble game tiles wood pendant making jewelry craft supplies collage ice resin
Wood Scrabble letter
tiles measure approx.
18x20 and 4mm
26¢ each
Miniature domino uria resin game pieces for rubber stamping jewelry making crafts
domino resin plastic heavy duty uria game tiles for rubber stamping craft jewelry projects
Light tan color letter
tiles measure approx.
18x18 and 4mm thick.
24¢ each
Game tiles made from the same sturdy resin (uria) material as
most dominoes, tri-ominos and dice. (With the exception of
Scrabble tiles being made from wood.)
White letter tiles
measure approx.
18x18 and 6mm
26¢ each - 36
available in stock
*Note for all game tiles: The color dots, numbers or letters on the backside are random (sorry requests for specific letters is not possible.)
Wood Beads:
Natural wood beads ready to draw on, paint, rubber stamp, paper collage or image transfer, then use your choice of resin or sealer to protect the surface.
Colored acrylic, resin and plastic beads ideal for further decorating:
Rummy-O Rummikub Rummycube game tile for rubber stamp jewelry domino pendant
bananagrams domino type material for game tile rubber stamping craft jewelry
Light tan color letter
tiles measure approx.
25x28 and 3mm thick.
29¢ each
Light tan color number tiles
measure approx. 26x37 and
3mm thick.
59¢ each
Wood is a
wonderful surface
for decorating since
it is porous, making
it receptive to most
paints, ink pads,
markers and pens.
An in depth tutorial page for domino jewelry using a variety of coloring
methods applicable to any game tile or plastic surface
can be found on
domino tutorial page here.
Flat circle shape
wood beads
35mm wide, 3mm
thick with a 1mm
hole near the top. I
recommend wire
wrapping, or 7mm
and larger jump
rings, to hang these
beads. Package of
10 for $1.99
35mm wood pendants flat circle for rubber stamping drawing painting collage art jewelry beads round
beads to paint rubber stamp or image transfer wtih gel medium ranger ink multi-medium gloss or matte
Oval white acrylic beads with
random pink pattern
30x36mm and 5mm
thick. Package of
3 for 99¢
rubber stamp supplies surfaces beads drilled domino game tiles pendant charms
flat white beads for rubber stamping painting decorating collage image transfer with multi medium ranger ink
The same techniques used to decorate
domino game tiles with rubber stamps can be
used on any relatively flat plastic bead surface.

You could also spray paint any bead to replace
the color to suit your project, use collage,
image transfer techniques or drawing with
markers. Gesso is also available in a spray
paint  for more options on applicable mediums
(Krylon makes a gesso spray that is used to
prep surfaces for most paints.)
large oval beads for jewelry making pink blue for decorating rubber stamping image transfer
Almond shape -
10 for 99¢
Large pink and blue sparkle
pattern oval acrylic beads

measure approx. 30x50mm
slightly curved from 2-6mm
thick. Package of
3 for 99¢
walnut brown stained almond beads for rubber stamp painting craft jewelry making
Almond shaped acrylic
walnut stained beads

measure approx.
15x24mm and 4mm thick.
Package of
10 for 99¢
Clear acrylic gem cut flat back charms by Tim Holtz facets charms
Facets by Tim Holtz clear acrylic charms to decorate faceted rubber stamp pendant artwork
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Facets - 12 clear, flat back, gem cut sides, acrylic pieces with holes and jump rings:
Tim Holtz facets christmas charms glossy accents paper collage
Use a clear glue, such as Glossy Accents, to adhere the facets to paper. Trim with scissors.
sky blue metallic bead for image transfer ranger ink multi medium gloss or matte
Metallic sky blue oblong beads
measure appox. 29x46mm and
slightly curved from 2-6mm
thick. Package of
3 for 99¢
klimt gold orange acrylic beads for jewelry making painting and drawing pendant
White acrylic oval bead with
metallic orange and gold painted
. Each bead measures
approx 30x50mm and is slightly
domed. Package of
2 for 99¢
-  3 packs left in stock
Hole through middle, top to
bottom longwise.
mustard yellow over gold crackle paint texture beads for art jewelry pendants
Mustard yellow over gold crackle
painted circle shape beads
measuring 25mm x 3mm thick.
Package of
5 for 99¢ - clearance 69¢
White acrylic round ball beads in a variety of size options:
5mm package
200 for 49¢
8mm - sold out
10mm package
45 for 99¢
14mm package
12 for 99¢
20mm - sold
24mm package
3 for 99¢
Versatile addition to jewelry projects as is, or
do custom coloring with alcohol inks.

All sizes limited in stock, 5 to 10 packs
available, orders for more than on hand will
have the out of stock quantity refunded.
wood beads bamboo tile domino size rubber stamp jewelry
Unfinished lightweight wood rectangle beads have been rough sanded, ready to paint then
draw or stamp, use with paper collage, etc. Measures approx. 20x40mm and slightly curved
from about 2-6mm thick with an inner hole top to bottom.
5 for $1.49
clearance sale
5 for 0.99¢
Other metal pendants:
marble crackle texture pattern stone effect acrylic shield shape beads for crafts
Faux marble gray and white stone
shield shape acrylic beads.
Each measures approx. 25x29mm,
curved 5-9mm thick. Package of
for 99¢
- about 3 packs available
flat white buttons ready to decorate paint rubber stamp
flat black buttons ready to decorate rubber stamping
Alcohol ink custom button sewing modern art supplies
Art Nouveau Mucha clothing button sewing rubber stamp art
Make custom buttons to match your project. Here I used the white buttons,
alcohol inks, Stazon ink pad and a rubber stamp from
Black - 3
left in
darice craft wood turning shapes heart pendant brooch pin magnet crafts
Wood hearts great for gluing a magnet, pin
back, or drill a hole for hanging. Each heart
measures approx. 35x35 and 3mm thick. -
About 6 packs left in stock.
7 pack $1.09
Painted acrylic beads flat almond, diamond, rectangle, oval for rubber stamp jewelry making
tan painted domino beads drilled rubber stamp art jewelry making supplies
Acrylic beads painted with a light khaki color, then finished with an antiqued gold splatter for a vintage look. Hole drilled through center, top to bottom.
Oval shape (close to miniature
domino size)
6 for 99¢
Diamond shape -
3 for 99¢
Rectangle shape - 4 pack for $1.59
24mm circle pendant flat round wood beads hole center for rubber stamping art drawing painting
Flat circle shape wood
with hole
through center.
Measure approx.
24mm, 4mm thick.
Package of
6 for 0.99¢

About 20 packs left in
rhombus diamond wood bead large canvas for painting jewelry pendant
Large diamond shape wood bead
approx. 36x47mm and finely sanded
to a smoothly curved surface with
thickness from 5-8mm. Hole through
center longwise for hanging.
Package of
3 for 99¢
Example rubber
stamped with trees
from set #
Transparent frosted acrylic flat heart
random color assortment. Measure
10 for 99¢
Flat white oval bead to rubber stamp paint decorate DIY jewelry pendant
White acrylic flat oval
23x29x5mm with a hole
drilled through the center.
Package of
4 for 0.99¢

Manufacturer has
discontinued this item -
about 8 packs left in
stock. Orders for more
than qty on hand will have
the unavailable ones
Clear plastic maple leaf drop pendant has
a flat back with beveled edges and a faceted
frontside. Measures approx. 31x45mm.
Package of
4 for 99¢

About 5 packs left in stock
faceted maple leaf chandelier drop pendant clear plastic acrylic bead
This is the newest section with many items still being added. Stay updated on what's new at Pinterest.
Guitar picks in plain white or mother of pearl with no brand name text writing, blank on both sides for jewelry making.
Guitar picks with holes for pendant or bracelet jewelry making white and pearl
Tutorial for rubber stamping and coloring guitar picks on
other projects using domino size stamps page.
Durable, slightly flexible plastic "medium" guitar picks. Blank (no text on either side) perfect for decorating with alcohol ink or stamping.
No holes package of 5 for $1.39
Standard shape guitar picks measure 25mm wide x 30mm tall and 0.71mm thickness (also called "medium" plectrums).
Wide end one-hole 5 for $1.49
Two-hole package of 5 for $1.69
Wide end
end hole
Narrow end one-hole 5 for $1.49
example art rubber stamp guitar pick pendant plain white drawing
art tutorial
Mother of Pearl and white blank no text writing guitar picks for jewelry making
Plain white acrylic beads with smooth flat or slightly curved surfaces ready for decorating.
These beads are perfect for alcohol ink and marker coloring. Rubber stamping can be done easily on the flat style beads. Any bead could be used as a
collage base for art prints, gluing stamped tissue paper, resin coated glitter, paints etc. Spray paints are also an easy way to color them, or prime the
surface for your preferred drawing or painting art medium with gesso, such as the one in a spray can manufactured by Krylon.
Plain white acrylic rectangle beads flat with hole drilled top to bottom similar to miniature domino size
These white acrylic rectangle beads have a smooth flat
plastic surface measuring 24 x 14mm and 5mm thick. There
is a hole through the center lengthwise. Slightly smaller than
a miniature domino. Package of
6 for 0.99¢
small white acrylic plastic beads ready to alcohol ink or paint
plain white acrylic beads ready to paint decorate plastic stamping alcohol ink
Slightly curved small white acrylic
rectangle beads
measure approx.
12x18x3mm. Package of
15 for 0.99¢
Round white acrylic beads are slightly
curved from 2-4mm thick and 21mm
wide. Package of
8 for 0.99¢
Detailed tree impression metal tags
available in silvertone or bronzetone

plating. These tags measure approx.
22x31mm and 1mm thick. They have a
flat back suitable for further decoration
such as painting with Vintaj Patina
paint, drawing and rubber stamping.
49¢ each
Large white acrylic oval beads that are slightly
curved measuring approx. 38x32mm and 5 to 8mm
thick domed surface. Hole through center lengthwise.
Package of
5 for $1.99
angle dangle drop flat side face white acrylic plastic resin bead pendant to decorate
smooth white acrylic dangle drop rounded edges corners pendant earrings jewelry making supplies
white acrylic beads assymetric curved square unique canvas palette paintable jewelry
Assymetric white
acrylic square
that are
slightly curved
measuring approx.
36x36mm and 2 to
5mm thick domed
surface. Package of
3 for 0.99¢
White acrylic flat
angled dangle
drop with hole at
measures 55
x 9mm and 3mm
thick at widest
points. Package
10 for 0.99¢
White acrylic
smooth rounded
edge dangle drop
with hole at top

measures 39 x
7mm and 4mm
thick at widest
points.  Package
12 for 0.99¢
small white acrylic plastic square beads flat for rubber stamping tile painting jewelry
Small curved square white
acrylic beads
that have a
slight twist to the flat
surface. Measures approx.
20x20mm and 3mm thick.
Package of
6 for 0.99¢
plastic tile beads flat white plastic beveled edge trapezoid shape for rubber stamp domino pendant jewelry
Beveled trapezoid white
acrylic plastic beads

with flat front and back.
Measures approx. 40x16
and 7mm thick at widest
points. Package of
4 for
white acrylic paint gesso wood beads plain diamond square flat ready to paint
domino pendant beads flat yellow acrylic paint oval tube bead for rubber stamping and painting DIY jewelry
Hand crafted asymmetric
flat diamond shape wood
that have been
painted with white acrylic
for a ready to decorate
surface. They measure
approx. 28mm wide, 4mm
thick and each bead varies
slightly due to being

Package of  
5 for $1.49
Long flat oval shaped
wood beads with yellow
acrylic painted surface

ready for stamping, inks
or paints. Each bead
measures approx.
15x45mm and 5mm

Package of
5 for 0.99¢
Clearance sale 0.69¢
Abstract art effect alcohol inks on white acrylic bead blown air technique
Learn how to
use alcohol
inks to create
abstract art
beads on the
tutorial page.
Hand carved oval shaped wood beads pendant charm for rubber stamping or painting DIY jewelry making
Face molds for polymer clay, flexible push molds buttons and art dolls
I ship within the USA only.     All orders over $100 ship free!            Artist Bio Q&A, Shipping and Store Policy Information
Goddess God Mythology Green Man GreenMan push molds pendant jewelry making bead art doll
The Enchanted Gallery fairy, mermaid, fantasy Art Nouveau rubber stamps
Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies Premo Sculpey Alphabet Miniature Food Chalk
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
Miniature food, doll house, art doll face beads, wings, crowns
EZ Mount Static Cling Cushion Rubber Stamp Mounting Foam for Unmounted stamps
Jewelry glass domes, beads, charms, terrarium craft, containers, ornaments, miniature garden, Flower Soft, Diorama supplies
Blank pendant trays, necklace chains, jump rings, ice resin, polymer clay settings
Resin, open back pendant tray bezel settings transparent, opal flakes, gold leaf, stickers, special effect paper
Nature spirit animal guide pendants or art doll face cabochons
Kimberly Crick artwork and prints ATC ACEO traditional art original paintings
Free tutorials domino rubber stamping polymer clay jewelry making art supply reviews
Hand carved wood oval shaped pendants with
a hole through the top center. Each piece is
handmade, the size/shape varies. Size range
is between 18 to 20mm wide, 39 to 41mm
long, and 4mm thick. Pack of
4 for $1.99
Laras crafts economy alphabet wood tiles cheap 60 pack 3/4
A low quality, inexpensive lightweight wood alphabet tile that can be
used as a base for paint and paper collage. Each tile is about 3/4" wide.
Package of 60 for $3.99 Clearance sale $2.99 - 2 left in stock
wood tiles alphabet letter scrabble pendant decoupage paper collage base jewelry DIY
Rubber stamped mini domino size miniature easy gift jewelry necklace pendant matching bracelet earrings
Create quick and easy
to make gifts, such as
the pendant and
matching bracelet set
below using these
beads and stamp
sheet #
Pearl orange gold yellow guitar picks medium standard plectrum jewelry making supplies no logo text writing free
White pearl orange yellow gold thin and medium guitar pick with hole pendant jewelry making supplies
Guitar picks with two holes punched drilled jewelry making blank beads no text writing logo free
Large triangle guitar pick beads pendant earrings jewelry making supplies rubber stamping
Large plectrum guitar pick white pearl orange yellow thin medium plain no logo text writing free
1.8mm hole punch (1/16") sturdy plier style tool, comes
with a spare punching pin.
$11.99 each
Large triangle guitar picks measure 1.25" wide (32mm) available in white "medium" 0.71mm thickness, or pearl/orange-pearl "thin" 0.46mm thickness:
5x no hole
sale 0.99¢
5x narrow-end
5x wide-end
5x two-holes
Bottle cap hole punch plier style sturdy tool to make holes in thin sheets of metal, shrink plastic, guitar picks, paper projects and more.
5x no holes medium
5x no holes thin
5x no holes thin
5x wide end hole
medium white
5x wide end hole
thin pearl
5x wide end hole thin
5x two holes medium
5x two holes thin
5x two holes thin
5x narrow end hole
medium white
5x narrow end hole
thin pearl
5x narrow end hole thin
Ready to decorate plastic buttons, flat one side, slight curve on other side.
Package of 11 buttons: approx 3/4", 1&1/8, and 1&3/8" sizes.
Acrylic beads round gem swirl marbled white clear gemstone effect circle hole through center charms for rubber stamping
Clear acrylic round shape beads with
marbled white swirl pattern.
measures about 31mm wide, is slightly
domed from about 3 to 5mm thick, hole
through center.
Package of 8 for $1.99
red brown burnt sienna acrylic paint wood bead connector link charm craft supplies
Brownish-red color painted oval
connector link wood beads
hole at top and bottom. Great for
painting, drawing or stamping
jewelry, ornaments and craft
projects. Each piece measures
about 28x38x4mm with 2mm
holes shortways.
clearance sale 25 for $2.99
Package of 5 for 0.99¢
Faceted white acrylic crecent moon beads plastic star sun jewelry making charms
Faceted crecent moon beads measure
approx. 31mm long and 8mm thick. Has a
hole through the center longways. Package
4 for 0.99¢
White acrylic beads ready to decorate flat plastic charms for painting, alcohol inks and rubber stamping DIY jewelry making
Back side:
Blank on front
side only:
Laser cut pressed wood oval pendant bead flat for rubber stamping, ink, paint, collage, mixed media art, scrapbooking embellishment etc.
Laser cut pressed wood traingle pendant bead flat for rubber stamping, ink, paint, collage, mixed media art, scrapbooking embellishment etc.
Laser cut oval package
6 for 0.99¢
Laser cut triangle package
3 for 0.99¢
Special bulk
sale package
of 30 for $4.99
Pink yellow green or blue flat oval acrylic plastic beads with hole through center for rubber stamping jewelry making supplies
Acrylic flat oval
bead  23x29mm
and 6mm thick
with a hole
through the
4 for 0.99¢
One of each color
Wood beads are very absorbant and easily accepts most rubber stamping inks and markers
Wood is very absorbant and easily accepts most
stamping inks and markers.
Hand carved geometric simple bird shape wood beads with smooth top and hole through center DIY jewelry
Geometric bird shaped wood
beads with hole through center.
Package of
3 for 0.99¢
Blank white acrylic discs flat easy to decorate with alcohol inks or rubber stamp
2 holes
No holes
30mm white acrylic laser cut disc round circle shape for jewelry making rubber stamping DIY craft art
Clear acrylic disc with
measures about 2"
49mm) wide and approx
2mm thick. Great for small
handmade Christmas
0.79¢ each
10 pack for $6.70
Clear acrylic discs make great Christmas ornaments to decorate with rubber stamping, alcohol inks, glitter glue, paint, gold leaf or metal foil, photographs or prints adhered with glossy accents or clear drying glue
Clear acrylic disc with hole
measures about 1.5" (
wide and approx 2mm thick.
Great size for pendants.
0.49¢ each
10 pack for $4.19
Clear acrylic discs make great Christmas ornaments to decorate with rubber stamping, alcohol inks, glitter glue, paint, gold leaf or metal foil, photographs or prints adhered with glossy accents or clear drying glue
White acrylic teardrop beads for earrings or alcohol ink custom colored jewelry making projects
Lg teardrop bead
with hole at top
30x8mm at
widest points.
Package of
6 for
Sm teardrop
bead with hole
at top 19x9mm
at widest points.
Package of
8 for
white acrylic disc 30mm wide circle round shape 2mm thick insert game tile rubber stamp alcohol ink
The 30mm no-holes acrylic disc can be placed into any of the 30mm round
pendant trays. Alcohol inks, stamping pads and chalks here.

You can find a variety of pages with step by step pictures on how to decorate
using alcohol inks and other types of coloring methods within the
directory of
all tutorials.
Alcohol inks on laser cut acrylic discs works great on domino game pieces white plastic or ceramic tiles craft rubber stamping decorating DIY
(15% off
bulk sale)
An alternative to drilling domino game tiles or glue on bails silvertone metal tube beads
Package of 6
shiny silver
beads 0.99¢
Package of 6
antiqued silver
beads 0.99¢
Random color faux gem jewelry acrylic swirl marbled beads 31mm circle disc shape
Colorful faux gem marbled acrylic beads. The manufacturer
sends a random color selection, and while I will do my best to
make sure all colors are present, there may be duplicates.

Package of 8 random color beads $1.99
Pearl cream colored natural sea shell beads with two holes disc for jewelry making
Flat cut may have natural dips
in shell 30mm
cream shell discs
package of
5 sale 99¢ clearance
Store policy and shipping charges
Flat and sturdy bronze plated metal heart tag great for painting and rubber stamping DIY jewelry making bead charm
Bronze plated flat, sturdy metal
heart tag.
Great for painting and
Package of 6 for $1.99
Antique copper or bronze metal rectangular tube bead for glue on pendant bail connection game tiles domino rubber stamped rectangle necklace
Perfectly flat, laser cut acrylic shapes:
6 antiqued
copper beads
6 antiqued
bronze beads
Clear acrylic is a less fragile alternative to glass that can be glued over paper artwork, achieve stained glass effects, rubber stamped, glittered etc.
1 hole
24mm (about 1") clear disc with 1
hole package of
5 for $1.49
Scallop edge heart 30mm wide flat white laser cut acrylic shape for alcohol ink rubber stamping fridge magnet pin brooch jewelry crafts scrapbooking
Package of 5 $1.49
30mm white disc laser cut acrylic flat pendant with 2mm hole for rubber stamping alchol ink jewelry making DIY crafts
30mm wide circle shape round clear acrylic laser cut disc also fits pendant tray blanks for an alternative to glass that isnt as fragile
1 inch 24mm round clear acrylic laser cut shape circle charm pendant or earrings to decorate with paint rubber stamp alcohol inks glitter glue paper
Clear heart acrylic laser cut shape small charm or earrings DIY glue paper glitter rubber stamp alcohol ink bead
Clear acrylic laser cut bird shape 1 x 2 inch domino size rubber stamp decorating diy jewelry making paper glitter alcohol ink pendant
30mm wide clear acrylic discs package of 5 for $1.49

Can also be used as an alternative to glass when glued
over art/photo prints in 30mm round pendant trays on the
jewelry making supplies page.
Clear tiny hearts with 1 hole make great
earrings or charms. Package of
6 for $1.49
Clear acrylic bird shape
package of
2 for $1.49
Rubber stamped earrings flat beads and jewelry making components ear wire hooks diy
Example art idea - great
size for earrings.Ear wire
hooks can be found at the
bottom of the
making supplies page.
Sold out
Silver glitter with gray back laser cut acrylic round shape disc charm pendant earrings bead just under 1
White laser cut acrylic disk pendant charm with hole just under 1
Silver glitter front, gray back
24mm disk with hole
package of
5 for $1.49
White laser cut 24mm
disk w/hole package of
5 for $1.49
Clear bunny rabbit shapes
package of
6 for $1.49
Clear acrylic flat laser cut bunny rabbit animal art charm bead for earrings or pendants rubber stamping glitter glue to photographs etc
Clear acrylic laser cut scallop shape circle 1 inch or 25mm wide with hole bead charm pendant earrings great for rubber stamping alcohol ink painting or glue paper collage DIY
Scallop edge round clear acrylic laser
cut shape 25x25x2mm with hole.
Package of
5 for $1.49
Large flat clear acrylic heart shape pendant great for alcohol inks rubber stamping glue to paper prints collage glitter keychains necklaces jewelry
Large clear acrylic hearts great for pendants
and key chains. Package of
4 for $1.69
37mm clear acrylic flat circle disc with two holes connector pendant link bead jewelry making supplies laser cut
Clear acrylic disc with
measures about
1.5" (
37mm) wide and approx
2mm thick. Great size for
0.49¢ each
10 pack for $4.19
(15% off
bulk sale)
Shiny red laser cut acrylic disc round circle with two holes and subtle shimmer finish
30mm shiny red
with 2 holes pack
5 for $1.49
Black laser cut flat disc circle shape with two holes charm connector link jewelry making
2 holes
30mm discs available in black 5 pack for $1.49:
Flat white acrylic discs 2mm thick, 30mm wide circle shape. Package of 5 for $1.49:
black circle laser cut disc flat round cabochon setting cameo bezel tray insert
No holes
Laser cut white acrylic flat domino travel mini size bead charms for alcohol inks rubber stamping DIY jewelry making supplies earrings pendant necklaces etc
Mini travel domino size white acrylic bead charms flat laser cut shapes with alcohol inks and rubber stamps DIY jewelry making supplies for earrings and necklace pendants
16x30mm white w/one hole
The 16x30mm white rectangles are colored by dripping alcohol inks.
The middle earring above used a swirl
mini-domino size rubber stamp
inked with versamark and dusted with
perfect pearls. Seal with Kamar
Varnish spray. Hung with
5mm jump ring and earring hook.

Pendant stamped with Stazon and colored with Tombow markers.
16x30mm white w/two holes
5 for $1.49
5 for $1.49
20 for $4.99
20 for $4.99
Stainless steel pendant teardrop shape with mirror polish shiny front can be decorated with alcohol inks or stamping jewelry DIY necklace
Stainless steel pendant teardrop shape with mirror polish shiny front can be decorated with alcohol inks or stamping jewelry DIY necklace
SALE 99¢ when
you buy
10 for
Stainless steel guitar pick shape pendant charm bead great for earrings or necklace alcohol ink rubber stamping metal jewelry making supplies
Steel guitar pick
$1.49 each
SALE 99¢ when
you buy
10 for
Lg circle
SALE 99¢ when
you buy
10 for
Stainless steel oval pendant blank flat decorate DIY stamping alcohol ink bead charm
Lg oval pendant
$1.49 each
SALE 99¢ when
you buy
10 for
Short rectangle
$1.29 each
SALE 89¢ when
you buy
10 for
Arched dog tag
$1.69 each
Sale 20% off
when you buy
10 for $13.60
20x30mm short style
rectangle charm with
3mm hole great as
charms or earrings.
Long rectangle
$1.29 each
SALE 89¢ when
you buy
10 for
38x16mm Long style
rectangle charm with
3mm hole, ideal for
pendants or earrings.
High Quality, Sturdy, Rust Resistant, Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel rectangle small charm bead silver flat stamping DIY personalize decorate
Stainless steel charms beads earrings DIY alcohol ink adirondack ranger handmade jewelry project
Alcohol inks dripped then blown with canned air technique for splatter paint effect on stainless steel pendant blank flat charm
Alcohol ink dripped and blown with a straw onto a clear acrylic heart charm pendant
Faux gemstone style acrylic beads. Poured colored resin creates unique patterns of swirled color that varies each piece. The large teardrop shapes have a
2mm hole, front to back, about 5mm from the top edge. Ideal for cords, wire wrapping, an XL jump ring, thread or ribbon.
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Domino size white blank laser cut acrylic shape for alcohol ink rubber stamping jewelry DIY pendant
White domino
one hole
Sale 10 for $4.90 (0.49¢ each)
0.59¢ each
Stainless steel abstract heart shape pendant blank for stamping alcohol inks image transfer DIY jewelry making supplies
Abstract heart
SALE 99¢ when
you buy
10 for
sold out
Faux gemstone amber quality poured acrylic color marble swirl pattern gem pendant to rubber stamp one stroke painting decorate DIY focal bead
Faux amber large
teardrop bead. 10%
off of
4 for $3.56
Faux amber large
teardrop bead
99¢ each
White laser cut bead shape for pendants or earrings great for alcohol ink painting rubber stamping and spray painting DIY jewelry making supplies
White diamond
one hole
0.69¢ each
Sale 10 for $5.90 (0.59¢ each)
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Easy method for decorating spray painted beads:
Natural pearl beads smooth shiny with hole through center 25mm one inch charm DIY jewelry making
Last chance items:

Pearl sea shell beads are
limited in stock
with less
than 10 packs available,
orders for more will have
out of stock quantities
refunded from their order.
Polished smooth
25mm w/center hole

shell beads
6 for $1.99
XL walnut stain wood bead round disc 59mm wide DIY stamping painting jewelry making charms
Dark walnut stained
wood disc with hole at
top, about 59mm wide.
59¢ each
5 pack $2.99
White oval beads with gold paint splashes for DIY jewelry making rubber stamping painting
White oval beads with gold paint splashes. Great size for
mini domino rubber stamp art. Hole about 1mm through
center longways. Package of
6 for 99¢
Sold Out