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All about alcohol inks!
This page has color charts, combinations, a collection of techniques and projects. Including using alcohol ink with polymer clay, metal leafing,
domino art, mixing with glues and other mediums to tint them for glazing, glass paint, faux enamel, miniature food syrups and beverages, etc.
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
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I hope that you have enjoyed my tutorials. Please
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Alcohol inks work wonderfully inside empty markers, such as Ranger
Ink or Copic brand markers. Just add drops of ink onto the broad tip
until it bleeds through to the bottom tip. This takes about 150 drops (it's
not much, somewhere about 1/10th of a bottle of Adirondack inks.)
These colors blend beautifully together on paper projects.

Allows you to turn your favorite inks into markers, or mix your own
custom colors. Since you can add ink any time the marker starts to run
dry, these markers can literally last forever. No more waste of
disposable markers, or disappointment when you find a marker has
run dry.

When mixing custom colors use an empty dropper bottle to mix the
colors first before inserting the mix into your marker. Craft stores
usually have empty bottles with dropper tops for essential oils in the
soap making supplies area.

If you are using empty Copic Sketch markers than you can also use
these inks with their airbrushing system for painting.

When you are using dark colored alcohol inks on a domino you will
have a hard time getting a rubber stamped image to show up well. You
can help bring out the details of your stamped art by lightening certain
areas of your image. You can do this by erasing the alcohol ink with a
lighter color of alcohol ink. Alcohol inks or blending solution in marker
form is great for this. Sharpies also work, however the tips on those
markers do not allow for smooth precision.
How to use the applicator, felt and alcohol inks:
Add a few drops of each color you want to use to the felt pad
that is attached to your applicator. I apply single drops of
color a little randomly on various areas of the felt (see

Lightly dab your surface repeatedly until you achieve the
coverage and pattern desired. If you apply it by patting the
surface only a couple times you will get a blended, less
marble looking / blotchy effect as you do if you keep patting
your surface repeatedly. You can make it very interesting by
blowing on it as you work in quick taps for the smallest
marble pattern effects.

Try out combinations of 2 inks, or even just one and the
"alcohol blending solution" (works as clear alcohol ink) for
a variety of marbled monotone effects.

Note: Felt by nature has a lot of loose fibers that often fall
out. I have not found a way to avoid this, but you can rub off
a lot of the little fibers once the ink dries in a few seconds.
countryside shell pink cloudy blue willow alcohol ink color combination tutorial
Use multiple color combinations to
compliment your rubber stamped
artwork. (I used Stampbord as my
surface, and the image is from
Mountain Vineyard: Espresso,
Raisin, Pesto set
Rustic Lodge: Bottle, Terra Cotta,
Denim set
Cottage Path: Slate, Currant,
Meadow set
Tuscan Garden: Red Pepper,
Mushroom, Oregano set
alcohol ink color combination chart terra cotta denim bottle rustic lodge kit
tuscan garden alcohol ink color combination chart red pepper mushroom oregano art supplies
domino alcohol ink color combination cottage path slate currant meadow
caramel ginger latte alcohol ink color combination chart
cranberry lettuce eggplant alcohol ink combination chart example art
rust stonewash pitch black alcohol ink combination example art chart
wild plum butterscotch stream alcohol inks domino example art combination chart
Farmers Market: Cranberry,
Lettuce, Eggplant set
Miners Lantern: Rust, Stonewash,
Pitch Black set
Nature Walk: Wild Plum,
Buttrscotch, Stream set
Cabin Cupboard: Caramel, Ginger,
Latte set
Dockside Picnic: Watermelon,
Citrus, Sail Boat Blue set
Summit View: Sunshine Yellow,
Sunset Orange, Purple Twilight
Scenic Terrace: Hazelnut, Pool,
Moutain Rose set
Valley Trail: Raspberry, Pebble,
Clover set
The Basics. Here is the standard, most popular application:
Color Charts:
Adirondack Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz / Ranger Ink
come in 48 colors, including "lights", "brights", and "earth tones" shown individually below on glossy paper, and
combinations on dominoes. They appear more vibrant on non-porous surfaces (such as a domino) and slightly muted on porous surfaces (such as paper.)
Countryside: Shell Pink, Willow,
Cloudy Blue set
Wildflowers: Lemonade, Peach
Bellini, Cool Peri set
Alcoho Ink Combination Chart Countryside Shell Pink Willow Cloudy Blue
Woodland Lights Pink Sherbet Lake Mist Juniper Alcohol ink combination chart coloring
Adirondack alcohol inks lights Lakeshore Sandal Aqua Salmon
Woodland: Pink Sherbet, Lake Mist,
Juniper set
Lakeshore: Sandal, Aqua, Salmon
Art Nouveau Mucha clothing button sewing rubber stamp art
Alcohol ink custom button sewing modern art supplies
Creating custom colors and filling markers with alcohol inks:
Color Combination Chart:
Here are the combinations of 3, as they come packaged from the manufacturer:
Idea gallery:
scenic terrace hazelnut pool mountain rose alcohol inks color combination
Valley Trail raspberry clover pebble alcohol inks color combination chart
Alcohol Inks color chart adirondack lights brights earth tones tim holtz colors
Failed experiments and happy accidents. (I make mistakes so you don't have to!)
Sometimes I try and fail. Sometimes I thought I failed and in the clean up efforts discover something interesting! Here is where I will share these "mistakes" with you!
Using alcohol inks to paint polymer clay or gold leafing:
Images coming shortly :)
You can achieve marbled monotone effects by combining any single color
with the colorless blender (clear alcohol ink) like this:
domino alcohol ink pitch black and stream with snowflake stickers christmas gift crafts
Above - Pitch Black &
metallic peel off
Right - You can also try
rub ons and other types of
Mixing alcohol ink into TLS, polymer clay (colorizing clay before baking) and miniature food techniques:
This is a brand new section and tutorials are
coming soon :)
deer woods forest nature rubber stamp pendant domino alcohol ink tutorial how to instruction guide
tree domino rubber stamp alcohol inks tutorial
Lettuce + Clear Blender
Learn various ways to decorate domino
game pieces on the
domino tutorial page.
Mushroom Jewelry lemonade peach bellini cool peri alcohol ink color combination pendant jewelry
Altered jewelry! Add color to metal and other non porous surfaces:
I bought a silvertone metal ring a while back and I always wished it was colorful. So I picked out some alcohol ink colors
(raspberry, stream and sunset orange) and placed a drop of each color onto a non-porous surface (I used the outside of a
ziplock bag.) I then picked up the colors and applied them using an empty
aqua brush filled with alcohol or blending solution. I
sealed it with Krylon clear gloss sealer spray.
silver flower ring ready to be colored altered art alcohol inks
adirondack alcohol inks raspberry sunset oraange and stream project tutorial
alcohol inks altered jewelry coloring metal tutorial step by step project page
finished alcohol ink tutorial altered metal jewelry ring
faux raku metal purple blue golden orange effect with alcohol inks tutorial
Krylon sealer uv resistant glossy coat alcohol inks sealant
Simple color combinations of two inks create bold results and polished
stone effects like this:
See below for combinations of 3 or more colors of ink together.
pitch black and red pepper alcohol inks polished stone effect domino
Pitch Black + Red Pepper
polished stone technique lettuce and meadow color combination chart
Lettuce + Meadow
shell pink and clear colorless blending solution alcohol ink tutorial how to guide and idea gallery
Shell Pink + Clear Blender
domino rubber stamping with alcohol ink tutorial gold spray paint
Queen Anne's Lace rubber stamp domino bleach stamping wtih pearl Smooch accent ink
Smooch accent ink by Clearsnap pearl gold rubber stamping
bleach stamping effect fern leaf domino rubber stamp
gold metallic ink fern smooch accent clearsnap leaf on alcohol ink domino
The hunt for an opaque metallic ink:
I've gone through quite a bit of trial and
error looking for a good stamping ink I
could use over my darker alcohol inked
dominoes. I have tried the metallic
StazOn, acrylic paints and Smooch accent
inks. All of which were slightly transparent
and started showing the alcohol ink color
through them.

All in all I do not recommend trying this
method, as Smooch ink is an expensive
and pretty metallic ink to waste on just
washing away, but it does spark my
imagination and I'll be investigating
bleach stamping techniques further.
Bleach Stamping:
I applied my alcohol inks to my domino.
2) I coated a rubber stamp with Smooch accent ink by Clearsnap, and stamped the image onto the domino. (I
started with the gold fern image.)
3) After about 20 minutes I thought it was going to be dry, so I touched the domino and smeared the Smooch
ink. In a panic hoping I could save the domino somehow I rinsed off the gold Smooch ink under running water.
It took the Smooch ink off AND some of the alcohol ink underneath it. I was left with a bleached effect.
4) I repeated this process intentionally using a darker alcohol ink combo (Miner's Lantern) and used a brighter
color of Smooch Ink (Silver) and washed it off after about 15 minutes. This resulted in a clearer contrast.
shell pink and clover alcohol inks color combination chart mixture ideas example art gallery
Shell Pink + Clover
Attempts at using alcohol inks as a paint or mixed with sealers for a tinted glaze:
I started off with creating molded polymer clay pieces,
which I baked and then painted with bright gold
Lumiere acrylic paint.

I then began my glazing experiments by mixing alcohol
inks into sealers to tint it, which was
a failure on all of
the sealers I tried
, including Mod Podge, polyurethane
and other multi purpose sealers. It created chunky bits
of dried alcohol ink color. I pushed the uneven clumps
of color out of the way and used the remaining sealer
as a glaze for the owl face --->
More info on this experiment coming shortly.
alcohol ink experiments glaze mod podge sealer varnish painting
Eventually I just started applying the alcohol ink directly to my gold acrylic paint. I used an aqua brush filled
with alcohol or clear blending solution, and picked up alcohol ink color onto the brush tip. If you do not have
a non-stick mat or paint palette to put your drops of colored alcohol ink, you can always use a piece of
paper covered with tape.
alcohol ink sealer glue varnish glaze gold acrylic paint tutorial projects
Terrarium craft, containers, ornaments, miniature garden, Flower Soft, Diorama supplies
Miniature food, doll house, polymer clay DIY supplies, crowns